Body Closed Nude Shades for The Sims 4

This is my The sims 4 gift for you and I hope you Enjoy so much!!
Have 18 recolors of this body as a TOP and you can use with shorts and Skinnies.. I want to se so much you wearing this so I will like so much if you tag me #Itgirlsims in your pics
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Flying Hair Grams Sims 3T2 Conversion

Este cabelo é uma conversão e a criação pertence a Grams Sims.
a mesh não fui eu que criei eu substitui uma antiga mesh 
de um cabelo da XMSims (XMS_Flora_MeshHair087A)
a foto está na pasta de arquivos.
caso você tenha ele no seu jogo terá conflito.
todos os direitos estão reservados aos criadores.

This hair is a conversion and creation belongs to Grams Sims .
the mesh was not me that I created replaces an old mesh
a hair XMSims ( XMS_Flora_MeshHair087A )
the photo is in the file folder.
if you have it in your game will conflict.
All rights are reserved to creator
Texture by Puccamichi Sims